The Finda group is an active owner and investor that aims to the growth of shareholder value and good annual dividends with its operations. The company’s investment strategy is divided into two target areas: the strategic telecommunications investments and the portfolio investment operations.

Finda Oy– parent company

The parent company practices active portfolio investing, based on the principles of value investing. Investment decisions are based on independent valuation, which is used to sift out the targets offering the best risk-return ratio, without limitations on geography or industry.

The company typically invests in affordable listed companies with market liquidity and a strong balance sheet, which have good earning power and pay good dividends. However, if necessary, Finda can deviate from its typical investment targets and take other investment opportunities.

Finda Telecoms Oy

Finda Telecoms Oy is the focal point of Finda’s telecommunications industry expertise, resources, and investment targets. The company seeks significant growth in the value of ownership in telecommunications investments through centralized specialization and a clear focus. Finda Telecoms Oy invests in companies with a strong balance sheet, steady earning power, and a good ability to pay dividends.

Finda Telecoms Oy is an active owner and developer of its investees that can invest to support its already existing investments, as well as make new or reinforcing investments related to telecommunications.