Information about shares

Information about shares


Finda Oy stock is not publicly listed.

The company’s shares are divided into the A and K-series. The K share has a 20-fold voting power in relation to the A-share.

Number of company shares:

A-series 13 501 236 shares
K-series 116 000 shares
Total 13 617 236 shares

Finda Oy holds 205 476 own shares.

The company shares belong to the book-entry securities system.

Tax information related to the sale of shares is available at your local tax office or on the website of the Tax Administration According to the currently valid statutes, the capital gains received by a natural person or estate are not subject to tax, if the transfer prices of assets sold within a tax year are no more than 1000 euros.


Dividend policy
Finda Oy pays dividends annually. For 2021, dividends were distributed at 2.00 euros per share, or a total of 26.9 million euros.

Finda aims for robust growth in the value of shareholder.